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Welcome to Kathy's Page!
I've created this page to share some of my favorite things! 
I'll add things as I think of them, so check back OFTEN!

Here's an interesting site: THE SPEECH ACCENT ARCHIVE
You can listen to different people from different parts
of the world reading the same passage in English.

Are you taking good care of yourself?

If you go to, you can find out!
Take the test and see if your body is really older than it should be.
You can also find out what you can do to make youself younger.
The test is only in English and it's quite long, so you may need a dictionary.

Here's an interesting site: BUYBLUE.ORG

This site let's you, the consumer, know where the companies
you give your money to stand on these important issues:

• Labor & Human Rights
• Environment
• Employment Equality
• Corporate and Social Responsibility
• Industry Practices
• Donations

So before you buy books, for example, check this site and you can choose
to buy from Amazon (which supports the Republicans)
or Barnes and Noble (which supports the Democrats).


Here is one of my favorite commercials:  EDS "Herding Cats"

I have a lot of artist/musician friend here in Nagoya and around the world that I'd like to introduce to ET PEOPLE! readers:  I'll keep adding more  links, so check back soon: 


I love the simplicity of D's Kitchen. This is the place to go if you're super hungry and you feel like pasta! The owner/chef studied in Italy, so it's no wonder the food is great! And the portions are large! You can get a double (or at lunch time even a triple) serving for just a little more money. (single=¥600, double=¥700, triple=¥800!). And if you're thirsty, beer starts at ¥350 and cocktails start at ¥400.
There's a new place to go! C.R.E.A.M. is kind of a sports bar and dance club all in one. It's free to get in on weekdays, and on Friday & Saturday it's just ¥1000 for women and ¥1500 for men, and that includes two drinks! They're open from 8pm and they stay open late, so when you're out and you feel like dancing, stop in!
[1105] -see map
It's called NEXT DOOR but it's actually located above Ma Maison Bakery and Ma Maison Bread Shop. I love this place because it has a cozy atmosphere and I can get vegetarian food! Yes, French vegetarian food! Some items on the menu include fish and other seafood, and some include eggs and cheese, but if you are a vegan, just tell the staff and they'll accomodate you. It's good for a date or a night out with friends, because your meat-eating friends will not have to do without.
[1105] -more info...
Before I had ever been there, I knew that Bar 3 was a cool little bar. Lots of friends, including bar owners, were talking about "the friendly little bar in Ikeshita", so I had to check it out myself. They were right. I prefer to sit at the bar, but you can relax on cushions on the floor if you like. The menu is simple and the prices are hard to beat. They have drink specials (like 390 yen Coronas on Sunday night!) and they take party reservations. If you're in the area, be sure to check it out!
This is one of my newest discoveries! Actually a friend (Thanks Mary!) recommended the place. It's a small shop with only a counter. The owner, Asai san, runs the shop by himself. He uses only the best ingredients and hand makes all the kushiage. His ordering system is unusual. After you sit down, you order drinks and then he starts making kushiage for everyone. You don't have to order. He gives you and every other customer one skewer at a time. He keeps serving you various kinds of kushiage until you say STOP. Vegetarians, don't worry! Tell him you're a veggie and he'll make only vegetables for you! If you have a chance to go, please stop out and visit him!
Garuva has been around for more than 15 years, but many people still haven't discovered this quiet, relaxing oasis. It's right downtown (a few blocks south of iDbar), but once you're inside, you'll forget about the grime and noise of the city. Here you have your privacy--each table is covered in a tent, each tent is lit by candel light. Gentle music soothes away the stresses of the day. The drink menu helps soothe away stress, too! And the menu (Thai based) has something to offer everyone, those who just want to nibble and those with the serious munchies!
[1105] more info...--see map
Like Salsa music? Salsa One is the place for people who love to dance and beginners alike! They have lessons several times a week and after class the students stick around and practice their moves. Weekends are usually packed late at night (early in the morning?) with a mix of Japanese and foreigners from all over the world, including South America. So if you want to see how the natives move, check it out! The owners and staff are really friendly, so don't be shy! Talk and make friends!
[1105] see map
ACME is a little out of the way (about 10 minutes' walk south of the CBC building), but it's worth the trip. Inside it's spacious and the atmosphere is modern but warm. The staff is professional and friendly. The menu is varied and changes with the seasons. You can easily request vegetarian food, even vegan dishes, because the chefs know what they're doing! They have a nice wine list, which also changes frequently, depending on availability. And they're open till 5:00, so if you're hungry after a night of drinking, forget ramen and give your body something delicious and nutritious. The prices are really reasonable!
[1105] more info...--see map
Spark is a really casual, friendly place. If you like darts, you'll love Spark. But even if you don't play, you'll have a good time. The staff and customers are friendly and the prices are reasonable, so you don't have to worry about a scary tab at the end of the night!
[1105] more info...--see map
For years this has been my home away from home! I stop in for dinner and a show at least once a week, and I have celebrated every birthday at Gary's for the past 15 years! The house band plays every night and they are always fantastic. Other musicians that play around town (and even famous musicians visiting Nagoya) are sure to drop in Gary's to check out the fantastic live music. They have a great menu--I love their super thin crust pizza--and the staff is really friendly!
[1105] more info...--see map
Latina is a great place for a romantic date or dinner with friends. And they have plenty fo space for bigger parties too. I like to go on Fridays, when they have live music, usually my friend Lincoln (from Brazil) singing and playing the guitar. Women will love the fresh, healthy selections on the menu, and men will be happy too, because there are many meat dishes to choose from.
[1105] more info...--see map
The name means SNAIL and owner Takaaki has created a relaxing space around the SLOW FOOD, SLOW ARTS theme.  Built in a remodeled warehouse, Katatumuri is modern and spacious.  They're open 12pm-12am weekdays and 2pm-12am on Sat. & Sun., so you can go for lunch, dinner, or just drinks.  I like to go for lunch and and usually order pasta or a pizza, but they have curry, salads and more.  Plus they have FREE WI-FI, so I can take my computer with me and do some work while I wait.  Click on 'more info'  for some pics  of the interior. If you check out the website you'll see Takaaki also owns BAR MAVERICK, a darts bar that attracts a crowd of serious, enthusiastic darts  players.  This is NOT a slow darts kind of place!  If you'd like to participate in darts  tournaments, Takaaki or the staff can give you details. 
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Voice is one of my favorite places and it's one of the few Nagoya nightclubs with an American house band.  The musicians are top notch and  the music ranges from Motown to jazz to R&B, with a little disco thrown in for fun.  The food at Voice is also excellent.   The cover is Y1800 , but you can stay and watch as many shows as you like.   If you go before 10:00 during the week, be sure to pick up a coupon in ET PEOPLE! and you'll get in for free!  So go for dinner and stay for a couple of shows!
[0205] more info...--see map
The 59's Diner
This is definitely one of the happiest places in Nagoya!  It doesn't matter when you go--on a week night, on the weekend, early hours, or so-late-it's-early -- Tomoya and his staff are always in a party mood.  And their spirit is contagious!   You can't leave there in a bad mood.  It's also hard to leave there without doing at least one shot!  Don't say I didn't warn you! 
[0205] see map
This is Nagoya's most famous foreign hangout and its success is no surprise.  Owner Chris works hard to make his customers happy.  The staff is friendly, the food is great and the prices are reasonable.  They have daily specials, pool tournaments, live music, live sports on the many TV screens, and free internet--you can even bring your own computer and connect wirelessly!  If you're new to Nagoya, you'll make friends here.  If you've been here for a while, you'll run into familiar faces!
[0105] more info...
--see map
This is another of my favorite weekend spots.  Owners Tamara and Jason make everyne feel welcome.  The mood is relaxed most of the time, but can get a little crazy on weekends.   They have great food and a full drink menu, but if you go, be sure to sample from Nagoya's biggest selection of martinis.  Being a chocoholic, my favorite martini is CHOCO FANTASY!  Deeeelicious!  
[0105] see map
This spot is a little off the beaten path, but I think they like it that way.  The food is simple but tasty and the prices are rock bottom.  The regulars are true Nagoya irregulars!  Most of the foreigners have been here for quite a while and aren't going anywhere anytime soon.  They are an older crowd, an artsy group, and a pretty friendly bunch of folks.  Here are the five owners of Misfits: (from left)  Victor Boggio, Joe Sichi, Dave Gawron,  Geof Rasmussen and Elma Cruz (foreground).
[0604] more info...
On weekends you'll often find me at Nagoya's only Aussie Bar & grill.  I usually have the veggie nachos, but my friends dig into the Nagoya's biggest burger (THE OZ BURGER), the MEAT PIE or the SURF & TURF (surf=seafood & turf =steak). You can round it off  with Foster's beer or a nice Australian wine.  It gets pretty crowded on weekends, so if you have a big dinner party, you might want to make a reservation.
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Everyone who knows me knows that I love Italian food!  And DA CARLO is my favorite Italian restaurant!  The atmosphere is casual but the food is extra special!  My friends and I go there as often as we can, especially when we have something to celebrate! I always order the PIZZA GENOVESE, which is a green pizza with gorgonzola cheese and pesto!  DELICIOUS!  I like the penne arrabiata and spinach salad, too!  And of course a bottle of red wine is a must!
[ 0504]
see map
This is a very casual English pub run by Mr. & Mrs. Kishi. They are super friendly, and the staff and customers are too. I think it's a great place for students to go and hear/speak English, since most of the customers are foreign and don't speak much Japanese. They have fish and chips, stew, and even vegetarian dishes! And of course they have  all kinds of beer. I usually eat a mini pizza and have a diet coke!
[0504] more info...--see map
This is a cool little shop in the basement of Parco West. They have unique accessories and items for the home. I love glass and they have cute stained glass items. I also like the interesting glass accessories. I think it's a great place to buy uniques gifts.
[0504] more info...


FBC stands for the Foreign Buyer's Club.  It's an online shop that sells food and other household things (cleaning products, vitamins...) from overseas. I love it because I can get all kinds of food that I normally can't find in Japan. Plus it's really cheap no matter how many cases you buy!  And their Corner Store is really convenient. It's like Meidiya in Sakae, but with more thing to choose from. I usually buy frozen tortillas and cheeses for my Mexican parties! Shipping is cheap and fast!  IYou can also order a catalogue to be sent to your home and you can browse at your leisure.!  
[ 0504] more info...


This site has all the local movie theater info IN ENGLISH! You can search by movie title, by theater, or by location. Thanks to Ryan Sheppard for putting together such a useful site! 
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