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Newsletter About the English Language
What is ETP! WEEKLY?

ETP! WEEKLY is an online newsletter full of interesting and useful information, study tips and advice. Just click here to see samples of ETP! WEEKLY's many features!

Who is ETP! WEEKLY for?

It's written for advanced English learners:

.....-people who can speak English!
......If you have lived abroad and don't want to forget English, ETP!WEEKLY is for YOU!

.....-people who teach English!
......If you teach English, but have questions about it, ETP!WEEKLY is for YOU!

.....-people who like English!
......If you are curious and want to learn more, ETP!WEEKLY is for YOU!

When does ETP! WEEKLY come out?

ETP! WEEKLY is sent out every week on Friday.

How much does ETP! WEEKLY cost?

A 6-month subscription is only \7,500 and a 1-year subscription is just \15,000.
But if you sign up before Oct. 31, 2006, you pay only \9000 and your subscription is good through Oct. 25, 2007.

Can I see a sample of ETP! WEEKLY?

Of course! Just click here to see samples of ETP! WEEKLY's many features.

How do I sign up for ETP! WEEKLY?

It's easy! First, fill out the sign-up form and then send your payment by bank transfer (furikomi). Just click here to get started!