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Now you can improve your listening skills with

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15,000 yen > > > 10,500 yen for 12 months!
Samples available below. CD available from September 2007.

What's inside ETP! Audio?
To listen to samples from the August 2007 ETP! AUDIO
click the PLAY arrows below.
(To read the August issue online, CLICK HERE.)

Make the Question
(page 3)

1-Point Quiz
(page 4)

(page 4)

Your Turn
(page 6)

(page 3)

Sentence Scramble
(page 8)

What Comes Next?
(page 8)

Susan's Diary
(page 13)

(page 14)

What's in the News
(page 14)

Out of Order
(page 16)

How Much Do You Understand?

(page 16)

Listen Carefully

(page 17)

Simplify It

(page 17)

That's Not English

(page 18)

To order, send Kathy an e-mail saying,
"I want ETP! Audio!"
and she'll send you the payment details.