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What does the  'E.T.' in ET People!  stand for? 

E.T. stands for 'the English Table' .  Almost 20 years ago, I formed E.T. to give students a chance to use English outside the classroom.  It started as a group of people going out for dinner once a month, but soon grew.  We started ET Gourmet (cooking lessons), ET Wine (wine tasting), ET Games (playing English games), and ET Parties (Christmas, Valentine's Day, etc.). 

In January, 2000, I started ET 2000! --an English magazine I printed at home for my students.  The response was so great that I decided to make it available to as many students as I could.  In 2001, the magazine became ET People! and was distributed to about 450 people every other month. 

In January 2002, ET People! got a little bigger (3000 copies) and became a monthly magazine.  Thanks to our sponsors,  ET People! is now distributed to 15,000 people at nearly 400 locations every month. 

ET People!  is written by English students.  Anyone can write for ETP! If you have ideas, please send them and I'll put them in the magazine! 


Kathryn A. Craft 
publisher / editor of ET People! 

Nagoya, Japan